Gunzel takes inspiration from a time in Australia when creating objects for public use was an ultimate in engineered craftmanship, like the classic Melbourne tram as example, with their sculpted wooden interiors and leather holding straps that were durable and honourable.

The design reflects a utilitarian luxury seen in the citizen led manufacturing eras, where the fine, handmade details were understated but poetic – democratic design that strived to appeal to many of the senses and connected emotionally.

Gunzel includes chairs, stools, armchairs, lounge, tables and bar tables, with a flexibility that allows for wide, multipurpose use.

Manufactured in a combination of solid Ash timber and raw, milled aluminium, with an intention to give the simplicity and raw beauty the dignity they deserve.


The Gunzel tables celebrate a simple modernist clarity of structure.

They flat pack and have been designed with unique support rails, engineered in extruded aluminium, that can be easily custom sized then braced using V–arms which are reminiscent of the pantograph on top of trams.

The tables are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and designed with a clean, formal geometry and a lightness of architecture.


When you sit on a Gunzel chair you can feel the subtle curve of the backrest that has been sculpted to shape. Internal frames are rounded smooth so when you run your hands along their edge it confirms quality of finish and makes you feel good.

The upholstered leather seat pads are easily fitted without any specialty tools, allowing the flexibility to exchange, replace or remove these pads to expose the beautiful, natural character of the wood.